Take it from me, a car crash is not only a real headache, but it can also cause lasting pain and suffering! So, unless you are training to be a crash dummy (which I would strongly counsel against!), you need to buckle up and practice my rules for the road.

  1. Never Drive While Impaired. Whether it’s from lack of sleep, prescription medication, or from banging your head against a wall all day (I could tell you stories!), never, ever get behind the wheel if your ability to drive safely is impaired to the slightest degree. If you have any doubts about whether you are fit to drive – call Uber, Lyft, or a good friend for a ride (hey, that rhymes)!

  2. Keep Your Eyes on the Road. It’s easy to get distracted while driving. Most people have a million thoughts racing through their heads all day long (or, if you’re like me, all you can think about is your head racing towards a brick wall). But here’s a thought – driving while distracted kills close to 3,000 people every year.  So, if you don’t want to be a statistic, follow Jim Morrison’s advice, “keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!”

  3. Mad Max is No Role Model. Unless you are fleeing from SMOD (i.e., Sweet Meteor O’ Death), there is no good reason to drive on the roadway like your hair is on fire (unless of course your hair is on fire; in which case, safely pull over and stop, drop, and roll)!  You should always practice being a good fellow traveler.  Be kind, considerate, and patient with whomever you are sharing the road.  And if you encounter a crazy, angry driver, just remember that it’s cool to be kind! 


Being in an auto accident can be traumatizing, disorienting and a real pain in the neck.  But whether this is your first auto accident or your hundredth (like me!), here are 5 essential things you should do if at all possible:

#1      Check yourself and any passengers for injuries

#2      Call 911 and report the accident to the police

#3      Wait in a safe place for the police to arrive

#4      Take pictures/videos to document the accident scene

#5      Get names and contact information of any witnesses

After doing 1-5, call Collision Law! The legal professionals at Collision Law will help you find the medical care you need, deal with the insurance companies, and make sure that you receive all the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.  Remember, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, the most important call is to Collision Law!